Thursday, April 10, 2008


ARCHIBALD McLEAN (1733-1812)

I joyfully retract what I wrote about Archibald McLean in my blog bio of him at The Scottish Legacy part 2 on 11-9-06. Due to the inaccessiblity of his out of print works, I had to rely on secondary resources for my information of him and his writings. These resources stated he held to a doctrine of "baptismal regeneration" and I repeated this in my blog. Fortunately, the Lord has recently allowed me access to some of the works of this Scottish Baptist theologian. I have recently read his The Nature and Import of Baptism and found he clearly delineated between the sign and the salvation. If he wrote something else in which he changed his mind and articulated baptism as necessary for salvation I am not aware and would appreciate the knowledge. I have no knowledge of where the resources I used got their information and have no judgment as to their motives. They too may not have had access to McLean's works and relied on false reports or they may have honestly misunderstood something he wrote. There is also the possibility of nefariousness as McLean was considered a maverick theologian even amongst his fellow baptists. I have changed my bio of him and encourage readers to read the new bio and am sorry for the bearing of false witness. I also encourage his works on faith and the doctrines of grace as well as his work on baptism previously cited.

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